10 December 2016

Family Trip to Melbourne

A week and a half in Melbourne was perfect for our first family overseas holiday. Great company, great food, and lots of adventures!

We spent the first weekend at Lorne and I came to some conclusions:
  • We should definitely have a lot more Hennessey get-togethers
  • Chocolate ice cream is always the best option
  • Cards Against Humanity has been added to my wishlist
  • My husband is actually a Disney Princess

Back in Melbourne we spent a lot of time at various playgrounds, checked out Melbourne Zoo, played in Jem's Kombi, made our compulsary visit to the aquarium, and Owen and I escaped one evening for our first date night in forever!

These wild ones are already looking forward to our next trip!

28 April 2015

Rory's Birth Story

Preparing for birth the second time around was a lot easier. After the drama of Shae's arrival it was clear that this birth was going to be really different: either a straightforward and reasonably fast natural delivery, or a decision early on in the labour to have a caesarian. My preference was the natural delivery but I honestly wasn't too worried either way, I knew that once the baby was here the details of his arrival wouldn't matter.

19 November 2014

Girl or Boy?

First time around I was happy keeping the baby's gender a surprise, but this time? As soon as I realised I was pregnant I wanted to know yesterday.

Once I convinced Owen that we should find out, we spent awhile trying to figure out a fun way to reveal the gender. I was keen for a cake (mainly because once the surprise was over we still got to eat cake) but Owen wanted something more exciting.

The winning idea was fireworks - red for a girl or blue for a boy. We packaged up two Roman Candles (so we couldn't tell which was which) and asked our friend Anna to put aside the right one. So the other night we rugged up and took a little trip to the beach for some fireworks.

From the start of the pregnancy I thought the baby was definitely a girl, Owen was leaning more towards girl, and whenever I asked Shae he said the baby was a girl (apart from one time when he said it was a dog...)

We had a few extra fireworks before the main event (Shae kept asking for "more, more" after each one), and then it was time to find out...

We're having another boy!