31 August 2007

101 in 1001

The Mission
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days

End Date
By a huge coincidence the date of completion for my 101 in 1001 list is my birthday!
Friday 28 May 2010

64 tasks completed within 1001 days
18 tasks completed since then

1. Climb three trees (complete)
2. Try surfing at least five times
3. Bake at least thirty different cupcake recipes
4. Go skiing somewhere in Europe
5. Perform at a dance festival or event (complete)
6. Go camping five times with Owen (complete)
7. Go on at least ten picnics (complete)
8. Read one poem by Rumi everyday for two months
9. Take a jazz dancing class for ten weeks
10. Go on an adventure once a month (complete)
11. Learn two new card games (complete)
12. Eat at five new restaurants in Christchurch (complete)
13. Go to a live music concert (complete)
14. Attend a play (complete)
15. Go to three fireworks displays (complete)

16. Send really nice Christmas cards to friends and family (complete)
17. Get updated addresses of all my friends (complete)
18. Invite friends round for an old fashioned tea party (complete)
19. Buy flowers for someone I love (complete)
20. Write a group email at least once a month
21. Visit friends in Auckland (complete)
22. Make a list of the birthdays of people I know and send a card/email/text on time (complete)
23. Smile at one random person each day (complete)
24. Write a letter to my Grandpa (complete)
25. Take my parents out for dinner (complete)

26. Get a new passport (complete)
27. Take a tour around Europe (complete)
28. Spend at least a week in Paris (complete)
29. Go to the Louvre (complete)
30. Order in French at a French restaurant (complete)
31. Ride in a gondola in Venice
32. Go to Rome (complete)
33. Visit the Acropolis in Greece (complete)
34. See the pyramids in Egypt
35. Order a Guinness in Ireland
36. Visit Stonehenge (complete)
37. Go to a market in Morocco
38. Take part in the tomato festival in Spain
39. Go to Turkey
40. Visit Amsterdam (complete)
41. Visit a concentration camp (complete)
42. See the midnight sun in Scandinavia
43. Go to Thailand (complete)
44. Spend one day just lazing on a beach (complete)
45. Go on a train ride (complete)

46. Fill at least three Moleskine/CIAK journals (complete)
47. Write three short stories
48. Take at least ten photos a day for six months
49. Do at least two posts a week on my blog (complete)
50. Customise the appearance of my blog (complete)
51. Learn three new pieces on the piano (complete)
52. Paint a picture (complete)
53. Buy a piece of art that I love (complete)
54. Put all my photos in a photo album (complete)
55. Scan all my favourite photos from the last eight years (complete)
56. Knit a scarf (complete)

57. Write an in-depth career plan (complete)
58. Get rid of all my extra flash drives and only have two (complete)
59. Sort out all my paperwork and either file or discard (complete)
60. Complete the Graduate Diploma in Career Development
61. Have some volunteer work experience as a career adviser (complete)
62. Write a business plan for my company
63. Find five new event related contracts for my company (complete)
64. Get a working visa for the UK (complete)
65. Work in the UK for three months (complete)

66. Save $12,000 to travel round Europe by 27 April 2008 (complete)
67. Pay off the remaining money owing on the lounge suite (complete)
68. Donate $500 to charity
69. Save for a deposit on a house (complete)

Health & Vanity
70. Keep a food/exercise log for at least three months
71. Do 20 press ups in a row (complete)
72. Go running once a day for at least a month (complete)
73. Lose five kilograms (complete)
74. Go on at least three hikes
75. Learn how to do a basketball layup (complete)
76. Join a sports team and go to at least 90% of games (complete)
77. Take a multi-vitamin every day for at least three months (complete)
78. Develop a skin care routine (complete)
79. Have a pedicure (complete)
80. Grow my hair until it reaches the level of my bellybutton (complete)
81. Eat at least one serving of vegetables for every dinner (complete)
82. Get up before 7.00am every day for at least two weeks (complete)
83. Be a vegetarian for one month (complete)

84. Take part in BookCrossing (complete)
85. Buy a dishwasher (complete)
86. Write a list of guidelines to live by (complete)
87. Buy a laptop (complete)
88. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch (complete)
89. Make crème brulee
90. Learn how to make twenty new dishes (complete)
91. Go to the dentist (complete)
92. Go for a walk in the moonlight (complete)
93. Buy ten pieces of clothing that are suitable for work (complete)
94. Own fifteen good pairs of shoes
95. Buy a waterproof watch (complete)
96. Sell my car before travelling (complete)
97. Sell my piano before travelling
98. Grow a herb garden (complete)
99. Donate blood
100. Make a snowman (complete)
101. Write a new 101 in 1001 list

Alternative 11
1. Complete the Graduate Certificate in Career Development (complete)
2. Sell my computer before travelling (complete)
3. Be a WWOOFer
4. Buy a bicycle (complete)
5. Learn to drive a manual
6. Take a photography class
7. Read five “classic” novels (complete)
8. Write a letter to someone I admire but have never met (complete)
9. Get a PO Box
10. Get business cards for my company
11. Climb to the top of Mount Fyffe (complete)


  1. Yay! This is great – I’m so glad your taking the plunge. And what an ambitious list! I love your travel goals, and your random ones are fun, too. I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress – best of luck!

  2. Thanks! I’ll be following you as well

  3. happy belated birthday bridey. *hugs* i hope you had a brilliant time.that list is amazing. there’s so many things in there that i wanna do too. and yes, losing 5 kilos is definitely one of them. heh heh!

  4. Hey Bridey! Your 101 in 1001 is such a great idea, have you copywrighted it, or can I borrow your idea? Its also great hearing from you on your emails Sarah

  5. Hey Sarah! I found out about the 101 in 1001 through Chrissy and there are quite a few people doing it. Check out http://www.triplux.com/dayzero/You should definitely do it!

  6. I found this today and am making my list.Also live in New Zealand.I like #84, as I am a bookcrosser.Let me know if you have any questions about it, assuming you haven’t allready joined. rarsberry :o )

  7. Thanks Rachel, I haven’t registered yet but I will do that soon. I have a book to set free into the world soon…

  8. I'm actually working on two lists right now: my bucket list and my own 101 in 1001. I was just surfing through google pages looking for ideas and found your list. Congrats on completing so many of yours! It looks like it's really close to your end date now, so I wish you luck! I see it's been awhile since this post, so maybe you're done already. :) Happy Birthday!