27 October 2011

Camping at Lake Benmore

Following tradition, we spent the long weekend at Lake Benmore with some friends for a few days of camping, boating, reading and lazing in the sun.

Feathers in My Cap
  • Keeping our yearly camping tradition going (this is the third year we've all made the trip)
  • Lots of time for doing nothing much
  • Trying damper cooked on the camp fire for the first time
  • Riding on the motorbike with Owen while the dog tried to keep up
  • Barbecue breakfasts
  • Spending afternoons down by the lake napping in the sun

Black Eyes
  • The temperature really dropping as soon as the sun went down
  • Deciding it was too cold for water skiing (I should have given it a go anyway!)
  • Watching the rugby world cup final. I had to hide my eyes for the last ten minutes it was so tense!